Landscape For Bodies by Carl Warner

Fingers Cave

Ever imagined what landscapes look like if they were human body parts?

Let’s not twist that brain any longer. Carl Warner, a photographer best known for his work called, “Foodscapes”, has kindly helped us re-imagined just that.

Lately, Warner is in the habit of making “Bodyscapes” after finding inspiration in the scenes of naked bodies in the dusty, rocky terrain of Michelangelo Antonioni’s film,Zabriskie Point. “I was fascinated by the relationship between body and landscape, and I have always been looking at my own body in terms of its form as something structural and sculptural,” Warner said via email.

Twin Peaks

Warner said, the human body is more limited in the types of angles and shapes it can make. “It is less versatile, but it is often the case that having some restriction pushes you harder creatively, which makes it all a worthwhile challenge,” 

“I usually have some sketches of what I would like to achieve, but they don’t always work out as I imagine them to, and often there are shapes and forms which I see that inspire new designs of a scene as we work,” Warner said. “I can build up a foreground, midground and background quite quickly, but I like the fact that there is a certain amount of unpredictability within the image-making process.”

Warner’s subjects are friends and models. Since the series has become popular, Warner said he has frequently received unsolicited offers from people wanting to pose for him. “But I would really like to move the work forward by photographing well-known people whose bodies have carried them through their personal journeys,” he said.

Cut Throat Valley Elbow Point Desert of Sleeping Men Desert of Backs


I wonder why there is no bloated tummy as a small hill so that I could pretend I am on top of my own belly singing the “Sounds of Music”?