Dolce & Gabbana Blasts Victoria Beckham, Comparing Her Line to H&M

victoria beckham dolce gabbana

We try to avoid posting petty fight between designers (what’s new?), but this is just too juicy not to comment.

I thought with all the legal issues surrounding Dolce and Gabbana tax evasion, they wouldn’t have the time to slag another designer, but apparently they did.

Reports have been swirling around about the passive aggressive comment that Stefano Gabanna made about their old muse, Victoria Beckham.

“She’s a friend. She make a good job but … for us, she don’t make the same way like a fashion designer,” Stefano Gabbana reportedly said, at the V&A‘s Glamour of Italian Fashion event this week. “She become after many, many, many different things. She’s a designer but … it’s different. John Galliano is a designer … Alexander McQueen.” Domenico Dolce instead put Beckham in a category of “professional” designers, with high street labels like Zara and H&M.

If the gays start to blast their fag hag, you know it is a desperate situation.