The Bouncers of Fashion Week


Between all the streakers and the fur activists, being bouncers at a fashion week wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

Turning the lens of unsung heroes that are so easily forgotten amidst the hectic of fashion weeks makes a very incredibly poignant subjects, especially for those who have been dreaming to be flies on the walls during one of those weeks (the amount of tits and dicks that are flashed backstage will be sufficient mental snapshot for the rest of your life).

the-bouncers-of-fashion-week the-bouncers-of-fashion-week_3 the-bouncers-of-fashion-week_2 the-bouncers-of-fashion-week_1

The Bouncers of Fashion Week features a series of photographs amidst the hectic and fleeting schedule of Fashion Weeks, in this case, during the shows of Saint Laurent and Diane Von Furstenberg. T magazine photographer, Barbara Anastacio, turned the camera on the stoic figures of the bouncers in fashion weeks.

“If I were to generalize completely, I would say Paris has the most handsome; New York the biggest; Milan the toughest—and London the most polite.” Asked why she chose to photograph bouncers, Anastacio says “Although acting as monuments to discipline and order, the bouncers also hold the promise of imminent mayhem…They are models on their own catwalk. Plus they always have the best fitted suits.”

the-bouncers-of-fashion-week_6 the-bouncers-of-fashion-week_7