Robbie Rogers First Editorial For Flaunt


Robbie Rogers, The first openly gay athlete to ever play for major Soccer league in history, recently sat down with Flaunt magazine to discuss about his experience.

He is currently in between season to prepare for his second season for LA Galaxy. In chatting with Rogers on the porch of his LA home, the writer confesses to finding him ‘impossible to look at.’

‘This is either because the sun’s hovering directly behind his head; or, more favorably, he just has that kind of face. We’re sitting on Rogers’ front porch in the hills overlooking a golden L.A. horizon, and he’s embodying something like the lovechild of James Bond and One Direction.’

The writer, Price Peterson, adds: ‘If that mental image gave you tingles just now, that’s not my problem and also you’re welcome because it is ACCURATE.’

The photogenic Rogers insists that he never thought of himself as a marketable gay role model.

‘I didn’t have any intentions like that,’ he tells Peterson. ‘For me (coming out) was just for my sanity, for my happiness.’

Watch the teaser video here:

CARLOS SERRAO // Robbie Rogers for Flaunt from Terrie Tanaka Management on Vimeo.

His reason for coming out is impeccably poignant. And if worse comes to worst, judging from this photoshoot, he could totally pursue modelling. We’ll support him. Happily.