Roberto Cavalli Slams Michael Kors, “He Copies Everything”

Roberto Cavalli Store Opening Paris


Someone is a bit bitter that one brand is getting better. In an interview with Haute Living Miami magazine, Roberto Cavalli expressed his displeasure on Michael Kors.

“Mr. Michael Kors, he copies everything!” expressed the outspoken Italian designer. “It’s really a scandal and nobody has the courage to say anything. It’s really not fair.”

Although, Cavalli has no qualm about fast fashion as he feels that is the nature of such company. “Now you have designers and you have Zara, which is meant to be fast and sold at a very cheap price, so you expect [copying].”

He, however, has criticised the direction where fashion is going. “Labels shouldn’t be important, it’s about what you like. Take off the label,” he said. (Amen)

Cavalli added: “Fashion is just about money now. There’s no evolution. In the 18th and 19th centuries, fashion used to completely change every 20 years. Totally new silhouettes, etc. Now, there is less creativity. There’s been nothing truly new since the 1950s, except many sneakers.”

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ACE Editor’s Note: I agree though that there hasn’t been an evolution in fashion in a long time. One reason why I lost interest in watching runway shows and keeping up with each fashion week is I kept seeing designers trying to bring back the 80s, sometimes 90s and other decades. Just too many influences from the past and it started getting repetitive. It is just glamourous facade without the soul of innovation.