Shanghai Sneaks in as one of the Top 10 Most Stylish Cities in the World

Photo from a show featuring Asian couturier Guo Pei at Fide Fashion Weeks' Couture Week in 2012
Photo from a show featuring Asian couturier Guo Pei at Fide Fashion Weeks’ Couture Week in 2012

The Chinese city beat out Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong as Asia’s most stylish city in 2013, according to a ranking from Global Language Monitor, a firm that analyzes language use around the world. Shanghai ranked No. 10 world-wide for fashion, rising 12 spots from its 2012 position, by “leading the fashion charge as China further emerges on the world stage,” the report noted. Globally, New York, Paris and London took the top three slots, respectively.

Asia-Pacific was well-represented on the list, with Sydney (8), Tokyo (11), Singapore (18) and Hong Kong (20) all cracking the top 20.

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Having been living in Singapore for almost 5 years, I have noticed in the incredible amount of effort to vie for this crown. 5 years ago, there were no substantial fashion week in Singapore except the Audi Fashion Festival and today, Singapore hosts Men’s Fashion Week, Women’s Fashion Week, Haute Couture Week,  Digital Fashion Week and Audi Fashion Festival. Yet despite the efforts, it seems the financial power plays much more significant role. 

While Singapore boasts the highest concentration of millionaires in the World but the sheer volume of increase in China’s upper middle class makes Shanghai the most viable city for World’s top fashion brands to invest and to import their fashion shows, in hope to lure buyers. After all, fashion has become a business.