“Naturally” By Bertil Nilsson

Swedish-born Photographer, Bertil Nils, created a series of stunning portraits that is quite unusual for the photographer. Instead of his usual well-known theatre environment, Nilsson put his naked models, all of them are professional dancers, against a natural habitat resulting in rather poetic juxtaposition. 5-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 4-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 3-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 2-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer

Described by Nilsson, who now resides in London, as a ‘personal journey of exploration […] of both the landscape and our role within it’, ‘Naturally’ was photographed across a number of countries including England, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Australia. The images, printed in an edition of 8 (+2AP) are currently being exhibited at a solo show dedicated to Nilsson at the Dutch Galerie Wilms, which represents the artist in the Netherlands.

16-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 15-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 14-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 13-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 12-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 11-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 10-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 9-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 8-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 7-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer 6-Naturally-bertill-nilsson-yatzer

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