The Era of the Male Supermodels

Male Supermodels on Details Magazine March 2014

“These guys are really recognisable. You see them when you cross the street here in New York City. They are going by on buses. These are the guys that are on billboards and in the huge images in shop windows,” continued Peres. “Men’s fashion is stronger than it has ever been in terms of what the offerings are, but also in terms of dollars and cents and as a business. This cover is an acknowledgement of the extraordinary work that luxury houses are doing on behalf of men and the extraordinary way that this category is growing and blossoming.”

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They could as well be elevated into the realm of Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss but there are a few things that might hinder them. There has yet to be an authoritative men fashion magazine like what Vogue does for women and most of their faces are attractively forgettable. They are usually come with the same features – square cut jawbones, stunning cheekbones but that is it. The only ones that I would stop and recognise on the street would be Sean O’Pry and David Gandy. 

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