David Beckham Uncovered during Superbowl

David Beckham For H&M Superbowl Ad David Beckham For H&M

The Superbowl is one of advertisers’ major campaign launch period – with millions of viewers tuned in from across the globe, brands are pretty much set in trying to put their most creative and attention grabbing commercials featured.

2014 saw the the Seattle Seahawks win over the Denver Broncos, and the impressive Bruno Mars became the youngest celebrity/musician to perform during the half time. But make no mistake, one of the most anticipated commercial this season hailed from fashion retailer H&M.

After a round of online voting, fans of the brand chose the uncovered version (well obviously this will win) of H&M’s new commercial for David Beckham’s new Bodywear collection.

David Beckham For H&M Superbowl Ad
David Beckham For H&M

A visual feast for Beckham fans as the 38-year old sport/fashion icon runs around in his underwear, made a makeshift zipwire with his vest – so he sipped down the line topless and only in his underwear. A rogue nail ripped off the underwear when he landed which means he arrives pant-less at the photo shoot. Well, just a caveat, you don’t get to see everything BUT I’m pretty sure it will be enough to fuel some imagination.