Aerie Doesn’t Retouch Their Models and The Result Is Beautiful

With the recent Brouhaha surrounding the retouching of Lena Dunham for Vogue cover, It is rather hard to find any image in magazine or for ad that isn’t retouched.

Aerie, #aeriereal
No Retouching.

Aerie, a lingerie brand from American Eagle, campaigned to use models for their ads who have not yet been digitally altered.

This campaign aims to make normal women feel good about their bodies and even launching a social media campaign by using #AerieREAL hashtag to inspire women to take selfie and share photos of themselves.

Find the rest of the Aerie #AerieReal campaign below.

Aerie, #aeriereal Aerie, #aeriereal Aerie, #aeriereal Aerie, #aeriereal Ukb78Lr

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