Vogue Italia “Separate but Equal” Treatment for Black Street Style Creates Furor

Voguista Black Vogue Italia Black Street Styles.
Voguista Black Vogue Italia
Black Street Styles.

Vogue Italia has had troubles navigating diversity and has been consistently creating seemingly racist editorials. A new article written by Jason Campbell published today by the “Business of Fashion” points out another racial insensitivity committed by Vogue Italia.

And the reason offense might be the worst out of the bunch. In their coverage of Piti Uomo in Florence, Vogue Italia launched a new coloumn called, “Voguista Black”, documenting exclusively black street style stars.

Jason Campbell poignantly summed up what’s so bothersome–especially to black Americans– about Voguista Black in his op-ed, saying:

“Separate but equal, the intrinsic message of “Vogue Black,” is a historical concept all too familiar to black people, especially in America. Images of water fountains labelled “white” and “coloured,” and separate seating at diner counters come to mind. One only has to see director Lee Daniels’ recent film The Butler to be reminded of those wrenching representations of being included, but not extended the same benefits and respect. It imparts the impression of otherness; a feeling that you cannot be served here. And you don’t have to have lived in America, or be American, to feel the pangs of this division and empathise with this legacy of injustice and bigotry.”

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