Anna Wintour Is Saving One Magazine At A Time. Glamour to Be Rescued.


People are “scared” as sources reported Anna Wintour has been spending a lot of time on the Glamour floor. Under Wintour’s supervision, she has replaced Glamour’s fashion director and creative director. Although this might contribute to a WWD report that the relationship between Wintour and Cindi Leive, Glamour Editor-In-Chief, has been “tense”.

Glamour, the women’s glossy magazine, which was once one of Conde Nast’s steady revenue stream, saw a dip in advertising profit in two consecutive years between 2011 and 2012. Since Anna took a closer look at Glamour in 2013, ad revenue went up 2.3 percent. 2014, however, seems to be even more promising. Advertising has gone up to 12 percent in the first quarter this year and according to MIN, making it the best quarter for Glamour since five years ago.

Additionally, Glamour publisher Connie Anne Phillips boasted to WWD that the glossy has 11 million readers in print and eight million online.

Glamour must has been winning the confidence of the market back since Wintour took role as her Vogue portfolio is to be proven. She brought in 345 million of advertising revenue for Vogue last year. Whatever she is doing, it seems to be working. She is rumoured to be fixing Self soon, as advertising revenue has dipped 28.3 percent for January and February.