MET Renames Costume Institute After Anna Wintour, Giving Her More Legacy Than Diana Vreeland

Anna Wintour Costume Institute Met
Anna Wintour. Image courtesy of Steven Meisel.
Anna Wintour. Image courtesy of Steven Meisel.


After all her contribution, It is only natural, isn’t it?

The Metropoliton Museum of Art (Met) has renamed its’ Costume Institute after their biggest contributor, ardent fan and the most profilic magazine editrix, Anna Wintour.

The MET released a statement on Tuesday officially announcing the new name as the Anna Wintour Costume Centre. The space is currently being renovated and getting a redesign to be unveiled on May 8 with the debut of Charles James: Beyond Fashion. The curatorial department itself will still be called The Costume Institute.

Anna Wintour has been the Trustee of the Met since January 1999 and has since rallying her wealthy and well-heeled friends to contribute and to support the museum, to the amount of US$125 million. She is also responsible for the most glamorous evening on the museum with the Met Gala attracting major coverage and presses from around the world.

Since she is a member of the board, it only means that Anna has given this ego-centric re-branding a seal of approval.

“Anna Wintour’s extraordinary advocacy and fundraising have made this state-of-the-art space a reality,” said Daniel Brodsky, the Museum’s Chairman. “She has the rare ability to rally diverse groups across a wide range of industries to support The Costume Institute so it can educate and inspire visitors from around the world.”

Thomas P. Campbell, director and CEO of the Met, called Wintour “an exceptional benefactor, advocate and friend.”

Now, there has been a lot of discussion of who are the more influential editors of Vogue whether it’s Diana Vreeland or Anna Wintour. While I adore Diana Vreeland, Anna Wintour just took it up a notch further.