Goat Fur Used As A Runway For Fendi

Fendi Men Fall 2014 photo courtesy of WWD
fendi men fall 2014 goat fur
photo courtesy of details.com

Fendi has always been famous, or infamous, for their usage of fur but their latest Men’s Fall 2014 runway takes the cake for the inappropriate excessiveness.

The runway was covered in a thick layer of dark fur in which some of the editors raised concerns whether it was real. “Faux, I hope,” wrote Matthew Schnieir of Style.com in an Instagram photo depicting male models stomping down the runway.

Fendi Men Fall 2014 backstage
photo courtesy of WWD.

Unfortunately, it’s not faux fur. WWD and MF Fashion reported that it’s in fact, goat.

Fendi is no stranger to fur. They have consistently been featuring fur in their collections for years. In fact the company’s FF insignia did originally stand for “fun furs”— but a goat fur runway really takes the overusing of animal products to the next level. According to one reviewer, “The catwalk contained so much goat that by the end it looked like a mucky pavement.”

One wonders how many goats did it take to cover the entire runway? Perhaps, one too many.