Replacing Style Reporter with A Sports Writer

Eric Wilson

As we previously wrote, Eric Wilson left the New York Times for InStyle magazine and everyone was left to wonder who could replace an entity such as Mr. Wilson to command the Style section at Times. Now we have the answer.

The New York Times has announced, via WWD, the hiring of John Koblin as its new Styles reporter. Koblin is currently a reporter at Deadspin, which according to its website, offers “Sport News without Access, Favour or Discretion”. It is certainly a departure from writing sports to fashion, however to be fair, Mr. Koblin’s resume is peppered wildly from his stint at New York Observer and WWD.

John Koblin, New York Times, Deadspin

Editor of the Styles section Stuart Emmrich wrote in an internal memo that he “wanted to find the best journalist we could hire, even if his or her resume was not the traditional one of a fashion reporter.”

Mr. Emmrich also said he “had several long conversations with John about our fashion coverage — discussing in detail how he might have approached some of our news stories differently, what other angles he might have pursued, what he would have done to try to raise them to the level of A1 – and in each case I have come away with the same reaction: Total excitement at the prospect of having him on the Styles staff.”

It could either be disastrous or fresh with Mr. Koblin’s perspective, either one, we could not wait for what is in store.