VIKTOR X LORICO: Producing demi-couture street wear

Bespoke jeans brand VIKTOR, in celebration of their 10th year, collaborated with the Philippines’ prince of knits Jerome Lorico, to launch its Fall 2013 diffusion line. Known for their cutting edge and bespoke jeans – VIKTOR brings street wear into a new level by partnering with Lorico, an Alexander McQueen apprentice and a celebrated menswear designer of the Philippines.

The combination of VIKTOR’s avant garde approach to denim design and Lorico’s detailed minimalism resulted to producing a collection that is nothing short of being categorized as demi-couture. Demi couture are fashion pieces that have the intricacy, opulence that are associated with haute couture, but are  available ‘off the rack.’ The collection is a reflection of the urban culture – the streets, its environment, its character, and the life behind it.

Key pieces ranged from authentic leather biker jackets to denim jeans with reinforced seams and details that were mostly coated and glossed. Matte elements like customized knitted scarves in black, oxblood, and checks were infused with the looks to break the sheen. Accessories from ABLAZE by JunJun Ablaza completed the look.

The launch show was held at the Fashion Walk of Greenbelt 5, directed by famed fashion director Robby Carmona. Set against an almost 10 feet tall paper installation designed by architecture firm JAGNUS, complemented by the shallow pool slash runway.

The limited edition collection will be available by early December 2013 in VIKTOR jeans stores in Trinoma and Greenbelt 5


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