Vivienne Westwood and 30 Shades of Courage


If you think fashion only survives to serve the upper echelon, you might have to rethink that. While it is frivolous and full-on glitz and glamours, some of the fashion designers care about what is happening around the world. Victoria Beckham reportedly donated her vast array of clothes from her closet to help the typhoon victims in Philippines. But this one particular fashion designer has taken it a bit step further. Never to shy away from her opinion and her weakness, I really admire her.

Dame Vivienne Westwood is featured in the second episode of the Designer’s World and talking from Wikileaks to Shell’s oil drilling in the Artic. She was seen in the clip to visit the Shell’s office to protest the oil siphoning on the artic and demanding the release of several greenpeace activists who are detained in Russia at the moment.

Watch here the video of how graceful and wonderful of a lady she is.