No More Measuring Tape for Bespoke Suit

It seems like a ludicrous idea to make a custom fitted suit without any measuring tape but this company, Arden Reed, has managed to achieve just that in Manhattan using 3D computer scanner.  With one catch however, you have to be completely naked.

Carlos Solorio, co-founder of Arden Reed, claims that this new technology is the most efficient way to create a bespoke suit and it is all done within 20 minutes.

“The problem was mostly the fact that people don’t get the measurement right (with the traditional method),” Mr. Solorio said, “And the other issue was that the guys didn’t know how to walk through the suiting process, especially if it’s the first time.”

At the moment, the company only operates in truck all over New York City but Mr. Solorio is hopeful that eventually his company will expand to Los Angeles and San Francisco.