Guillaume Henry Talks Style and Carven’s Menswear Line

Guillaume Henry. Photo courtesy of
Guillaume Henry. Photo courtesy of

Guillaume Henry knew from a young age that he wanted to be a designer. He got his first sewing machine when he was 12 and his first wooden mannequin when he was 14. Launching his own label at the tender age of 21, his success would eventually follow him through to his experience at Givenchy and Paule Ka.

Credited with relaunching and revitalizing the brand, Henry joined Carven as head designer back in 2009, bringing a unique and energetic direction to both its womenswear and menswear lines while retaining the brand’s nearly 70-year-old heritage.

Carven Menswear SS 2014
Carven Menswear SS 2014

Excerpt of the interview is as follow:

As you know, many designers claim that they design clothes that they themselves would want to wear. Do you design for yourself as well?

I never design for me. I do wear Carven because I obviously quite like what we do, but I never wanted to be a designer to create my own wardrobe. Personally, I’m not a super fashion addict or a crazy customer. I love fashion more for the idea of fashion because you have the opportunity to create characters and tell stories. That’s what I like about fashion. For me, it’s not a way to create my ideal wardrobe – it’s a way to create ideal stories.

So what do you think about menswear right now and what do you foresee for future seasons?

For Carven, I hope it’s gonna still be something that you can wear, but with inspiration behind it. I love when clothes are something to cover yourself with because that’s the thing about men’s clothes, but it has to be more than that. It has to tell something.


What do you think about Asian designers and designing for Asian customers?

I think they’re really creative, and I can believe in it because Asian customers themselves are creative as well. They are fun with the way they dress, it’s very inspiring. Being here is a way to see fantasy.

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