Style Profile: Leo Bruno

Brazilian models are always among the head turners in this very competitive industry. here’s something about them that makes them extra special. Not only are they usually very beautiful and sculpted, they possess with them a certain charm and care free spirit that most people find endearing and attractive.

Photos by Skye Tan
Photos by Skye Tan

Leo Bruno is a fine example of this. A pure Brazilian, this young model is currently traveling the world and lending his beautiful face and body to brands and designers to make their products/designs come alive! We caught up with him in South Korea and asked him a few questions for us and for our readers to get to know him better. Images are shot by talented fashion photographer Skye Tan

ACE:  How did your modeling career begin?

Leo: Back in 2008 I was working in a supermarket as a packer when Fabiano Biazon found me and came to say hi. He started ask many questions and he said “I think you have potential to be a model, I wasn’t sure at first but when I was with my mom one time, we were walking inside a supermarket and a similar offer was made and right there and then she decided for me and even answered “yes, we will be there!”. That’s how everything changed for me, after 3 months I moved to Porto Alegre where I lived with my booker’s family then after a year I went to Sao Paulo!

ACE:  What do you think is your best (physical) asset?

Leo: I’m not comfortable saying that I have this and that or my that my body is beautiful. But to answer the question, some people say that I have good cheekbones and my eyes that can be blue or green depending on the light.

ACE:  What’s a typical day for you (as a model)?

Leo: A typical morning for me is after I wake up, I make myself a good breakfast, go to the gym, come back home and go to castings and (or) job.

ACE:What do you think is the biggest misconception of people about models?

Leo:  Well… I met people that told me this “Leo after spending some time with you I completely changed my opinion in general about models,” The thing is people see what they want or hear what they want, if they see some random young model drunk at the party or try to talk to them and they don’t even speak english they might have a certain opinion, until someone changes it.

ACE: Your best modeling experience so far?

Leo: Modeling for a Jill Stuart look book

ACE: What’s your worst modeling experience?

Leo: I don’t have a really bad experience so far, but I remember the scariest will always be the first time you do a shoot!

ACE: What’s your advice to those who want to be a model?

Leo: Stop dreaming… Wake up and run after what you really want; nobody else will do it for you.

ACE: What are your plans 5 (five) years from now?

Leo: Have my own businness and focusing on it full time

ACE: Among the places you lived and worked in, what is your favorite city so far?

Leo: Singapore! Such a good place, my top one for sure

ACE:  What other city do you want to work and live in as a model?

Leo: New York, Tokyo and London

ACE: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from modeling?

Leo: People come and go from in your life in a blink of an eye… the ones that stay as long as they can is your family!

Photos by Skye Tan
Photos by Skye Tan
Photos by Skye Tan
Photos by Skye Tan