Fide Fashion Week: Guo Pei

Titled, Arabian 1002th Night. Guo Pei for Fide Fashion Week in Singapore.

Breathtaking. Perhaps, the only word to describe the collection from Guo Pei. The clothes were immaculately intricate and it showcased her immeasurable amount of techniques. Guo Pei is not afraid to play with different silhouettes. Having said that, it was a painfully long show. Unlike Yumi Katsura, however, who displayed some restraints, Guo Pei went all the way –  the towering platform high heels, the flower-like folded fabric, the metre-long fur train.


I felt the collection titled, The Arabian 1002th Night, was all over the place without any cohesiveness except intricacy. It made it feel like Guo Pei needed to prove something – she doesn’t need to.

In the sea of greatness, the great becomes ordinary.

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