Style Profile: Burkman Brothers

Doug and Ben Burkman
Doug and Ben Burkman
Doug and Ben Burkman

Perhaps one of the most anticipated men’s shows for Fide Fashion Week this year, the Burkman Brothers are set to captivate the fashion community in Singapore with their signature relaxed rugged style infused in classic American menswear. Nominated for the GQ/CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Best New Menswear Designer in America award in 2010, the Burkman Brothers is a must-see design duo, producing fashion that is both artistic in concept and clothes that are wearable – a lethal combination for commercial success. They are currently part of CFDA Fashion Incubator.

A Collective Edit (ACE) sat down with Doug and Ben Burkman for a quick interview a day after they landed in Singapore.

ACE: How did you guys started designing?

BB: (Doug) When I was 16, my mom used to asked me what I wanted to do and she said “you are really good in arts, you love shopping you should be a designer!” She really supported me in this career choice and next thing I know I went to school studied fashion design and right after I graduate, I immediately found myself designing for GAP and then after 7 years I went to Uniqlo and then after that Ben and I decided to start our own. (Ben)   It was slightly different for me, I went to the university, got myself a normal degree, but I went to GAP after graduation, and that’s where I learned menswear design.

ACE: Who’s idea was it to work together?

BB: We’ve always talked about this for years and years, it’s kind of like our lemonade business when we were kids, we’ve always done things together, so for us this is a natural progression since both of us were doing menswear design. We’ve talked about it for so long that we had to do it!

ACE: What’s your creative process like, given that you two are individuals with different aesthetics?

BB: (Ben) I guess we’re lucky to have more or less the same taste and style, though there are nuances to certain things and we have different approaches from time to time, it’s both the similarities and differences that works for us. Again, we’ve always been collaborating on a lot of things since we were young so whenever we have brainstorms or exchange of ideas we know how to handle each other.

ACE: What was your inspiration for the collection that will be presented for Fashion Week 2013 of Fide Fashion Weeks?

BB: (Doug) The collection you will see on the runway are heavily inspired by our recent travel to Thailand. We were part of the W Hotel x CFDA Inspiration trip. We had a wonderful time in Thailand and it was a sensory overload for us, but just like our previous collection which are inspired by our travels, the colors and the textures that we used was influenced by our trip to Thailand.

ACE: What can we expect when we watch the show on Saturday 12 October at Marina Bay Sands?

BB: (Doug) This is our actual first runway show so we’re really excited. It’s going to be fun seeing our look books come alive on the runway. We are very thankful and fortunate to have this opportunity to reach out to so many people here in Asia.

Burkman Brothers for Fashion Week 2013 by Fide Fashion Weeks at Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Burkman Brothers for Fashion Week 2013 by Fide Fashion Weeks at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Burkman Brothers will be showing on Saturday, 12 October at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall F at 4.30pm as part of the men’s shows of Fashion Week 2013 by Fide Fashion Weeks