Dieux du Stade 2014 Teaser Is Here


I know you have been anxiously waiting for the 2014 to arrive just so that you have an excuse to hang these gorgeous lads in your bedroom wall. Who am I kidding, why would you need any reason at all, right?

In the 2014 edition, the Stade Français players pose naked with their guests through the lens of French photographer Fred Goudon. Rugby players and players of other sports are present in the Dieux du Stade 2014 calendar.

Among the players of the club are particular Flanquart Alexander (Cover), Julien Dupuy, Jules Plisson, Hugo Bonneval, Sylvain Nicolas Jerome Porical and Olivier Missoup.
Renowned guests who posed for this year’s calendar include Olivier Giroud, Yohan Cabaye and Rio Mavuba (football) , Nikola DLP
(handball) and Alexis Vastine (boxing).
This time, the artistic director’s photos are processed in three colors : black and white, gold and blue. Fred Goudon also returns to the fundamentals of Dieux du Stade with a tribute to the aesthetics of the body of sportsmen: Diex return to the Stadium and Stadium found its Dieux.
Watch the teaser video here (slightly NSFW).