From Bogus Ticket Requests to Drunk Show-Goers: Why Being a PR During Fashion Week Sucks

"These peasants," Anna thinks.
"These peasants," Anna thinks.
“These peasants,” Anna thinks.

“Then there are the regular crashers. There’s this one person, who we blacklisted from all our shows two seasons ago, that still tries to come to them all and threatens to tweet and social media negative messages about our company,” a PR told me. “He’s a major seat stealer that will take any front row seat that is available and when asked to move, he refuses.”

Some, however, said this season was better than most when it came to seat crashing. “The security teams and venue managers at MADE and at Lincoln Center are amazing,” another PR told me. “They are there to support the PR team and designers so that we can put on the most polite show possible.”

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