Sebastian Gunawan: A Fashion Party

ModMuse 2014. Photo by Renny Ruth Roren.
ModMuse 2014. Photo by Renny Ruth Roren.
ModMuse 2014. Photo by Renny Ruth Roren.


“Prominent fashion designer Sebastian Gunawan has embraced 2014, revealing a new collection that he calls ModMuse.

A prolific designer renowned for glamorous gowns and dresses, Sebastian, popularly known as Seba , works hand-in-hand with his wife Cristina Panarese in designing and producing 118 of the latest looks, which are dominated by gold and silver – the color trend of 2014.

ModMuse derives from “modern” and “muse”, which the couple translates into something that is “up-to-date”.

ModMuse 2014. Photo by Michelle Othman

For the collection, Sebastian and Panarese were inspired by regular women with great fashion sense.

They prefer regular women who love to display their fashion sense through social media.

“ModMuse identifies women of today who have characters and good sense; women who are concerned with how to express their beauty; those who know what they want and are original,” said the couple.”

ModMuse 2014. Photo by Michelle Othman.

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Sebastian Gunawan will be showcasing his collection here in Singapore as part of the Fide Fashion Week. He is scheduled on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 at 7:30 PM.