Bangkok Beats with DJ Andy Bertrand

Known for its colorful night life, Bangkok is THE quintessential party city of Southeast Asia. Though it has a reputation for being  a bit wild, it’s generally safe and has a relaxed atmosphere – a perfect combination for a great night! With the mushrooming of trendy bars and uber chic clubs within the city, its cosmopolitan crowd is spoiled with diverse choices,  from cool jazz to house music. Asia’s City of Angels is definitely on its way to becoming one of Asia’s cool city to be seen partying.

We sat down with one of the city’s hottest DJs – Andy Bertrand, who’s been spinning in Bangkok for the last five (5) years. You can catch him play his music at Route 66 and Koi Fashion Lounge. Club music enthusiasts in the region are in for a treat as a Southeast Asia tour is in the pipeline for DJ Andy.

Andy 2

ACE: What brought you to Bangkok?

DJ Andy: I never imagined living or even going to Bangkok until my best friend (Xavier), who was then about to head to Thailand for some business, asked for my support. I obliged to join him and that’s how I got myself here. Being a DJ, my passion for music and production persisted and I eventually decided to enroll in SAE Institute in 2008, where I graduated as an Audio Engineer with flying colors.

ACE: What do you think of the Bangkok club scene?

DJ Andy: The Bangkok scene has grown a lot in the past years – in terms of venues and music. If I look back, I can tell you that the number of venues have considerably increased in the past five (5) years and people now can actually dance to genres other than HipHop and R&B.

ACE: Can you share with us how and when you started to DJ?

DJ Andy: When I was 14 years old, my brother Davide brought home a pair of turntable and a mixer. I got curious and tinkered with it; that’s how I started – practicing in my bedroom. Though I must admit, while practicing  I did ruin our neighbors’ sleep with my heavy bass drums. During that time, there were no CDJ players yet, everything was on vinyl, and I was carrying everything in my heavy bag to a small club we had in my town on Sunday afternoons. After few years I started playing in a few more bars near the beaches every Friday nights.

ACE: In one word describe your music?

DJ Andy: Happy!

ACE: Where do you get your inspiration for your music?

People inspire me. I usually have a special repertoire ready for each place. When I spin, I look at the crowd, I test them, and try to invoke feelings track by track. I push their excitement level higher and higher until they get to a point where they start bouncing back nice vibes to me. That’s how it works – if they’re happy, I’m happy!

ACE: Who is/are your favorite DJ and what makes him/her/them your favorite?

DJ Andy: I appreciate a lot of artists, especially those who produce original music with passion and love. They deserve to be supported. Unfortunately, there are people in the music industry who are just moneymakers.

ACE: If I can only club for one night in Bangkok, what’s your proposed itinerary?

DJ Andy: If you like underground vibes have a look at Glow, Bash and QBar frequented mostly by foreigners. If you want to see how locals do it, then you should check out Route66 (RCA), WIP and Demo.

ACE: What do you think makes Bangkok special?

DJ Andy: In Bangkok everything is possible!