Style Exclusive: Phantasm

In a world that seems to be more of a hyperreal than real, introspection allows us to dig deeper and plough beneath the surface.

As one traverses within the subconscious terrain, the realization that there’s no guarantee of enlightenment in this inward path settles in.

Epistemological certainty is but a utopia, for even in our clearest state of mind, shadows of doubt will creep in, overthrowing the false sense of knowing.

But in the process, based on true Descartian fashion, you find yourself discovering your metaphysical self, cogito ergo sum.


Photographer: MJ Suayan

Model: Philippe Escalambre of Cal Carrie’s International – Philippines

HMUA: Andrew Jardenil & Ilich Monroy


John Sherwynn Chan (Shirt)

N. Studio (Pants)

Styling: Nio Manzano