Style Profile: Ria Bolivar


Ria Bolivar is a model par excellence – beautiful, statuesque and beguiling. Since her discovery in 2002, Ria has set fashion runways ablaze across the globe, making a mark with her impeccable catwalk skills and exotic look. She has graced the cover of countless titles in her decade long career – each look very distinct, her versatility as both print and runway model helped her rise as one of the Philippines’ it models.

The A Collective Edit (ACE) took 8 minutes of her time so we can get to know more about this Pinay top model.

ACE:  What inspired you to become a model?

Ria: I never imagined myself to be a professional model; fortunately some designers, directors and the other models I’ve worked with inspired me to love what I do, helping me become better so I can reach my full potential.

ACE: What are the biggest misconceptions when it comes to models?

Ria: Most people only see the glamourous side of fashion, but it’s a really tough job. We have to commit countless hours and take very good care of ourselves to be the best the model possible.

ACE: What’s your favorite healthy treat?

Ria: Buko (Coconut) juice! It’s healthy and yummy!

ACE: What’s your natural beauty must have?

Ria: I always drink tea. It detoxifies and hydrate at the same time.

ACE: What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received

Ria: To always be on time. Being punctual shows you are a professional and you take your job seriously.

ACE: What’s your professional mantra?

Ria: Love your work. I don’t think I could’ve survived this long in the industry if I don’t love what i’m doing.

ACE:  Your modeling career summed up in one word

Ria: Life

ACE: What makes a woman beautiful?

Ria: Having a good heart


Designer: Fanny Tf Serrano

Photographer: Mj Suayan,

HMU: Andrew Jardenil & Darvin Macabales

Styling: Margeaux Jeruska &Tamerlane Oscer Jeruska

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