Supermodels for Interview Magazine

Naomi Campbell photographed by Mert & Marcus
Naomi Campbell photographed by Mert & Marcus
Naomi Campbell photographed by Mert & Marcus

NSFW. How could we have forgotten the glory days of the Supermodels?  7 Supermodels grace the covers of Interview Magazine. Find out why we very much still adore them.


INTERVIEW: You opened the Versace couture show this past June—26 years after you first started working with the house. Did it feel the same backstage as it did all those years ago?

NAOMI CAMPBELL: For me, absolutely. I didn’t do it for 14 years, and I had to keep my appearance a secret for many months. When I walked in to do my fitting, it just felt like being around the family again, like no love had been lost. Donatella and Allegra—it was her birthday—and all the people that I’ve known for many years. It was very emotional. I had been wishing I could do Versace one more time.

INTERVIEW: You recently posted a photo from 1994 of you and Gianni Versace on Instagram.

CAMPBELL: I did. Every 15th of July, no matter where I am in the world, I always go to church and light a candle.

Amber Valleta by Mert & Marcus
Amber Valleta by Mert & Marcus

y2cmfwZINTERVIEW: You grew up in Oklahoma, right?

AMBER VALLETTA: I grew up in Tulsa, then moved to Europe to model when I was 17. Big difference.

INTERVIEW: How did you get from Tulsa to Europe?

VALLETTA: I got discovered in Tulsa at a local agency. My mom had paid for modeling classes, and some scout came through and discovered me. They asked if I wanted to come to Europe for the summer to model. I didn’t even really know what that meant. I just wanted to go to Europe. So I went with another girl and her mom. Luckily, I had already traveled to Europe twice before I finally moved out at 17. In retrospect, I wish I had spent one more year at home. But my career was starting and people were calling and I kept getting pulled out of school to work anyway. It was like the call of the wild—I just couldn’t not go anymore.

Daria Werbowy by Mert & Marcus
Daria Werbowy by Mert & Marcus

V5YJCtkINTERVIEW: A lot of people imagine supermodels as overnight-success stories. But you worked for a long time before your career took off.

DARIA WERBOWY: Yeah. It was sort of like a shadow that followed me for such a huge part of my life. People wanted me to do commercials at 8 or 9 years old, but I first gave it a go when I finished high school. It was pretty much a disaster. Nothing really came out of it, so I gave myself six months and was living in Athens, Greece, and modeling in all of these random places. Nothing really clicked. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I decided to revisit it because I wanted to make money to go back to school. I guess it was just the right time and right place for me. Everything started to happen.

INTERVIEW: Now you’re 29. Are you ever surprised that you’ve been doing it for so long?

WERBOWY: Sometimes I am still surprised that I’m a model and that people think I’m good-looking. I’ve gone through a lot of different phases on what I do and why I do it—morally and ethically. I’ve tortured myself about it, especially in dealing with success and money. I just had to learn to look at it as a job, as opposed to identifying myself as a model and thinking of myself as a part of this industry. I just thought, Okay, this is an opportunity to learn and see and meet people. Still, I am a Scorpio and I’m quite competitive. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it as best I can. I’m going to give it everything.

Kate Moss by Mert & Marcus. Styling by Karl Templer.  Dress and Bracelet by Versace.
Kate Moss by Mert & Marcus. Styling by Karl Templer. Dress and Bracelet by Versace.

INTERVIEW: You were really the first model where it was acceptable for any kid to put a picture of you up on their bedroom walls—straight girls, gay girls, straight boys, gay boys. Everyone had Kate Moss up and everyone agreed you were beautiful. Before you got into this business, who did you have up on your walls in your bedroom in Croydon?

KATE MOSS: I had David Bowie and Rob Lowe. I had boys. But I met a friend who had Linda Evangelista on her wall. Those famous Peter Lindbergh pictures.

INTERVIEW: Did you copy her and start putting up fashion images?

MOSS: No, I was always more into boys. But I think I had a Marilyn picture up.

Christy Turlington by Mert & Marcus. Styling by Ludivine Poiblanc. Jacket and Pants by DSquared.
Christy Turlington by Mert & Marcus. Styling by Ludivine Poiblanc. Jacket and Pants by DSquared.

INTERVIEW: What was your relationship like with fashion when you were a kid? Were you into it?

CHRISTY TURLINGTON: I never looked at magazines before I started modeling. I was 13 or 14 and none of my friends were into magazines. We were into the fashion of the day, though. Designer jeans were really popular—Sasson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein, Jordache. Once I started modeling, I began to learn about these things, and magazines helped me to understand who was who.

INTERVIEW: What was your first professional modeling gig?

TURLINGTON: I lived in Miami for a few years and that’s where I got “discovered.” I’m not 100-percent sure what my first job was, but it was probably for the department store Burdines. I worked with them quite a lot until my family moved back to California. The photo studio was in the department store itself. My mom would drive me downtown at 13 and we’d get lunch or frozen yogurt before my booking. I started modeling clothes for my age group but quickly moved into doing cosmetic and jewelry ads, which was funny to me at that age. I noticed that older, more established models would come down from New York for “special bookings,” so that became a bit of a fascination for m

Stephanie Seymour by Mert & Marcus
Stephanie Seymour by Mert & Marcus

5GzuZulINTERVIEW: For you, what kinds of people make the best collaborators?

STEPHANIE SEYMOUR: Well, I always had difficulty as a model just being myself. I can be very shy, and I used to have a lot of anxiety about working on set. But it was really after I worked with Avedon extensively that I learned how to deal with it better. Dick was both a great collaborator and a great director. He taught me a technique where I had to come up with a character each time I was on set. We would work on it together, and he would go to the extent of showing you pictures of your character and playing certain kinds of music. He would say things like, “What would your character be doing? Are you hailing a bus? Are you fainting?” So we would come up with these characters and these situations, and that changed everything for me. Suddenly, it opened up a lot of possibilities.

Linda Evangelista by Mert & Marcus
Linda Evangelista by Mert & Marcus. Styling by Ludivine Poiblanc. Coat by Chanel Haute Couture.

INTERVIEW: Did you ever keep a diary during your early days as a model?

LINDA EVANGELISTA: I used to keep a diary in the beginning. I had my agenda with my appointments in it, and used to put Polaroids in there from the shoot and make a note. That lasted a couple of years. When my son was born, I thought, I will never forget this moment, and I thought that every day after. And recently he asked me, “When did I lose my first tooth?” And I said, “I don’t remember.” [laughs]

INTERVIEW: So you’re not planning to write a memoir anytime soon.

EVANGELISTA: To do that, I would have to ask people about what the hell went down.


ACE Editor Note: I miss the days when Supermodels graced the covers of fashion magazines. It is their rightful throne after all. One question though, where is Cindy Crawford in all of these?